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Quick Guide to Simultaneous, Hybrid, and Blended Learning

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Fisher, Frey, Almarode, and Henderson-Rosser have created a follow-up to
The Distance Learning Playbook!

The Quick Guide to Simultaneous, Hybrid, and Blended Learning describes how to:
• Have clarity about the most important learning outcomes for our students. This will help us decide what is best done asynchronously and what is best done with our “Roomies” and “Zoomies.”

• Capitalize on the potential of asynchronous learning and use that valuable time to preview and review. This way we can draw on evidence from these tasks to help us decide where to go next in our teaching and our students’ learning.

• Utilize synchronous learning for collaborative learning and scaffolding of content, skills, and essential understandings. In doing so, we can collect additional evidence of students’ learning so that we provide feedback that moves learning forward.

• Establish norms for combining synchronous and face-to-face environments in simultaneous learning. Importantly, we have to set up the environment for our Roomies and Zoomies to learn together.

• Develop learning experiences and tasks that maximize learner engagement for all learners in all settings.

• Focus on acceleration and learning recovery. In other words, no more deficit thinking! Our students are where they are and there are specific things that we can do to ensure their learning.

• Implement the guide’s many resources, strategies, and templates, including a portal with PowerPoint slides for supporting peers, planning tools, and videos.

  • ISBN: 978-1071851654
  • Published by: Corwin Press

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