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i5 Approach: Lesson Planning That Teaches Thinking

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The i5 Approach: Lesson Planning That Teaches Thinking and Fosters Innovation
Jane E. Pollock with Susan Hensley

If the three r’s define education’s past, there are five i’s—information, images, interaction, inquiry, and innovation—that forecast its future, one in which students think for themselves, actively self-assess, and enthusiastically use technology to further their learning and contribute to the world.

What students need, but too often do not get, is deliberate instruction in the critical and creative thinking skills that make this vision possible. The i5 approach provides a way to develop these skills in the context of content-focused and technology-powered lessons that give students the opportunity to

1. Seek and acquire new information.
2. Use visual images and nonlinguistic representations to add meaning.
3. Interact with others to obtain and provide feedback and enhance understanding.
4. Engage in inquiry—use and develop a thinking skill that will expand and extend knowledge.
5. Generate innovative insights and products related to the lesson goals.

Jane E. Pollock and Susan Hensley explain the i5 approach’s foundations in brain research and its links to proven instructional principles and planning models. They provide step-by-step procedures for teaching 12 key thinking skills and share lesson examples from teachers who have successfully “i5’ed” their instruction. With practical guidance on how to revamp existing lessons, The i5 Approach is an indispensable resource for any teacher who wants to help students gain deeper and broader content understanding and become stronger and more innovative thinkers.

  • ISBN: 978-1416624561
  • Published by: ASCD

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