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What If? (Beghetto)

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What If? Building Students' Problem-Solving Skills Through Complex Challenges
Ronald A. Beghetto

If a fundamental goal of schooling is to prepare young people for the unknowable future, why do we assign students so many clearly defined tasks with predetermined solutions?

According to educator and creativity expert Ronald A. Beghetto, the best way to unleash students' problem solving and creativity—and thus prepare them to face real-world problems—is to incorporate complex challenges that teach students to respond productively to uncertainty. In this thought-provoking book, Beghetto explains

*How to foster "possibility thinking" to help students open up their thinking in creative, sometimes counterintuitive ways.
*The process of lesson unplanning, a way of transforming existing lessons, activities, and assignments into more complex classroom challenges.
*Four basic action principles that teachers and students can use to design and solve complex challenges both inside and outside the classroom.
*The steps for creating legacy challenges, which require students to identify a problem, develop a solution, and ensure that their work makes a lasting contribution.

With planning forms and detailed sample activities, this practical guide will enable teachers at every grade level to design a full range of challenges in any subject area. Invite uncertainty into your classroom—and discover what your students are capable of.

  • ISBN: 978-1416626411
  • Published by: ASCD

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