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Close Reading and Writing from Sources ~ Fisher & Frey

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Fisher and Frey present a model for teaching middle and high school students some of the most crucial skills, often neglected, in today's schools: reading texts closely, taking good notes, analyzing and synthesizing information from multiple sources, then writing clearly and effectively.

The authors have developed, implemented, and refined a process for teachers and students that results in evidence becoming a signature part of student work. When you use this process in your classroom, students will learn how to read closely to find out what a complex text says and means. They'll understand the purpose and use of evidence. They will hone their annotation and sourcing skills. And they'll learn how to communicate and focus their ideas through meaningful discussion before writing.

Chapters in this book focus on
*The Role of Evidence in Reading, Writing, and Discussion
*Close Reading of Complex Texts
*Preparing for Discussion and Writing: Annotation, Sourcing, and Avoiding Plagiarism
*Using Evidence in Discussion
*Writing From Sources

  • ISBN: 978-0872071582
  • Published by: ILA

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