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Culturally Proficient Education ~ Lindsey

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Develop culturally proficient policies and practices that create opportunities for students of poverty!

Written to counter the perspective that students from low-income backgrounds come to school with certain deficits that prevent them from learning, this timely resource provides educators with the knowledge and skills to maximize educational opportunities for all students, independent of students' socioeconomic status.

The authors examine equity and social issues through the lens of cultural proficiency, an approach that emphasizes how educators can break down self-imposed barriers to student success through self-reflection, personal change, and organizational reform. Focusing on students' strengths, this guide provides:

* An examination of how poverty intersects with other groupings, such as race, ethnicity, language acquisition, and gender
* Effective teaching and leadership strategies grounded in the latest research
* Vignettes and case studies showing the faces of poverty and the barriers they face
* Reflective activities and self-check protocols that guide readers toward effective practices

Culturally Proficient Education helps teachers and school leaders clear the path to success for students of all social and economic backgrounds.

  • ISBN: 978-1412970860
  • Published by: Corwin Press

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