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Parent's Guide to Working with Teachers


A Parent's Guide to Working with Teachers ~ Kenneth Shore
(Laminated Guide)

The two most important authority figures in a child’s life are his parents and his teachers. When the two work in tandem, school can be a more rewarding experience for all involved.

A Parent’s Guide to Working with Teachers, by Kenneth Shore, guides parents towards creating a partnership with their child’s teachers based on mutual respect, open communication and an understanding of each other’s needs. This four-page (bi-fold) laminated guide offers specific strategies parents can use to create this kind of positive relationship with teachers to help their child’s school adjustment and address problems as quickly and early as possible.

Parent-teacher conferences are essential opportunities for parents and teachers to share information and develop a positive working relationship. Shore advises parents about how to handle teacher concerns and how to prepare for conferences. A Parent’s Guide to Working with Teachers also suggests questions parents may want to ask at conferences, including:

Is my child putting forth good effort?
How does my child get along with his classmates?
Are there other school programs from which my child can benefit?
What can we do to help my child at home?
The guide also recommends ways for parents to resolve problems, and when – and when not – to take action.

  • ISBN: 978-1935609186
  • Published by: National Professional Resources

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