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The Mathematics Lesson-Planning Handbook, K-2

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The Mathematics Lesson-Planning Handbook, Grades K-2
Your Blueprint for Building Cohesive Lessons

Not sure of tomorrow morning’s lesson plan? Or maybe you feel it isn’t tailored enough for your students’ needs. What do you do? For that and more, help is here. The Mathematics Lesson-Planning Handbook, Grades K-2: Your Blueprint for Building Cohesive Lessons guides teachers step-by-step through the decision-making process of planning K-2 math lessons that are purposeful, rigorous, and coherent.

Instructional experts Beth McCord Kobett, Ruth Harbin Miles, and Lois A. Williams streamline and deepen the lesson-planning process showing teachers how to access students' complex needs, clarify learning intentions, and select tasks that will best lead to student understanding of mathematical concepts and skills. Along the way, teachers create an individualized blueprint for planning K-2 math lessons for maximum student learning.

The lesson-planning process guides teachers to:

*Identify the mathematical content, language, and social learning intentions for a lesson or unit, and connect goals to success criteria
*Determine the purpose of a math lesson you’re planning by distinguishing between conceptual understanding, procedural fluency, and transfer
*Select worthwhile tasks and materials that make the best use of representations, manipulatives, and other instructional tools and resources
*Choose the format of your lesson using reasoning and number routines, games, whole-class discussion, and pairs, or small-group work
*Anticipate student misconceptions and evaluate understanding using a variety of formative assessment techniques
*Decide how you’ll launch your lesson, facilitate questioning, encourage productive struggle, and close your lesson

Included is a lesson-planning template and examples from kindergarten, first-, and second-grade classrooms. Chapter by chapter, the decision-making strategies empower teachers to plan math lessons strategically, to teach with intention and confidence, and to build an exceptional foundation in math for all students.

  • ISBN: 978-1506387819
  • Published by: Corwin Press

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